Audi Insights – Live Webinar with Xavier de Le Rue

Sunday 17.01.2021 at 5 pm


Xavier de le Rue is a snowboarder who has truly been shaped by the mountains. After 22 years of adventures and conquering jaw-dropping lines all over the world, he has now set himself the goal of passing on his unique set of knowledge, in the hope that others will be inspired to get out there and experience their own adventures on snow.


Join Xavier from his home in Verbier, Switzerland, for a live-streamed webinar that will touch on many elements of the Audi ambassador’s personal experience and wealth of knowledge, drawn from a lifelong relationship with the mountains. From splitboarding, safety and avalanche training, route planning, equipment, nutrition, sustainability and mental preparation, you will have the chance to be involved via the live Q&A and to get personal tips and insight from one of the most renowned freeriders on the planet.



Main topics of the Webinar

Safety and avalanche aspects

Basic safety and avalanche training

Gear, equipment, and correct usage

Preparations for your adventure

Approaching difficult and technical routes

How to approach technical terrain

Things to avoid and to keep in mind

Dealing with fear and doubt in the mountains 

Mental preparation

Impact on everyday life



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